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Corporate Team Building

*Wacky Olympic Competition
These wild and crazy Olympic Games are perfect for active teens and adults or families, as well as the spectators! We'll provide team officials to ensure the excitement and safety of each game. Our games are designed to motivate all participants and encourage teamwork and develop a sense of camaraderie. Select five from these favorites.

Team Skis

Teams line up on these modified skis built for 7. On "go"...participants must shuffle along on their skis "together" (that's the hard and funny part) and continue on to the finish line. Easier said than done! Some teams get it, some just can't, but it's a lot of fun trying! One person is designated captain and cheers along side while "instructing the team to victory." This is a timed event.


Scrabble Scramble

A whole bunch of lettered balls will be dumped in the middle of the field (or water) and one person from each team is allowed to grab and stuff as many balls as he/she can and return to the rest of the team to make as many interlocking words as they can in the time allotted. The runner can return to the center for more balls only three times total, so where the runner stuffs and carries the balls can make all the difference! The team with the most letters used in real words wins!


Kid Krazy Relay

Flash back to the days when you were young and energetic! Remember Hula Hoops, Jump Ropes, Hippity Hops and Hurdles? Teams will use these toys from yesteryears in this relay.


Big Britches

It takes a big man (or woman) to fill these pants! "Tom" or "Tam" as the case may be, will be dressed in a crazy hat, sunglasses and our own Big OP Britches. He/she must have great hips and lots of swaying abilities to catch all the balls being tossed their way!


3-Person Sling Shot

No...we won't really be launching anyone, but plenty of our comet balls will be flying overhead! Our oversized slingshots require three people to operate them, and the comet balls may fly as high as 50' into the air! Your remaining team members have the difficult job of trying to successfully catch each ball in a miniature parachute approximately 100 ft away! This event will be scored on the number of balls caught! Variation: Launch comet balls at a large target on the ground, everyone shoots; 100 points if they hit the smiley board in the center, 50 points for 1st outside ring, 25 points for the 2nd ring, etc.


Thumb Fun

Have you ever tried to tie a shoestring without your thumbs? Or button a shirt? Several team members will have their thumbs taped down and have to meet different challenges by using only their four remaining digits. It's a lot harder than it sounds, and twice as much fun to watch!


Laugh-A-Lot Relay

We'll keep your team in stitches as they participate in our unique three legged race, huff and puff to blow up a balloon and pop it, under the limbo pole, and spin five times doing dizzy izzy's.


Super Sipper

All players partake in the champagne relay, each pouring a glass of the bubbly and carrying the server tray, waiter style, to serve the next person in line, who drinks the bubbly, and runs!! The relay is not over until all members have run the course and the last drop of bubbly is gone.



Standing in a straight line, each team member must thread a string through their clothes from shoulder to ankle. Then small rings will be added at one end, and must travel as quickly as possible through all team members. First team finished, with string pulled through wins!


Bucket Brigade

Just like the firemen used to do, we'll tote water to fill and empty bucket 'til it overflows. Our special twist is that two team members will be blindfolded! Standing in a single line, team members must use tumblers to brigade the water over their heads to the next person as they quickly fill up the empty bucket at the end of their line. This event will be scored on the time needed to overflow their bucket.


Concord Cannons

Standing in a single file line, each team member will pass "grenade" water balloons in an over-under style. When the balloon reaches the last team member, he/she must launch it back to the front of the line where the first team member must catch it without it "exploding". Balloons are passed continually to see how many will be successfully retrieved. Scores will be based on how many "grenades" are caught.


Butter Fingers

Each team will receive a bucket of water balloons, which are covered with baby oil. The team lines up in a "Z" formation with team members about four feet from each other. The team members must pass the balloons to the next person in line. The team with the most balloons at the end of the line is the winning team. Broken balloons do not count.


Party Animal

Wearing a specially-designed Fun-Pros party hat, each team's "Party Animal" will try to catch and pop water balloons being thrown his/her way by team members in his/her hat.


Leaky Bucket Race

Each team is supplied with a leaky bucket they need to carry on top of their head to an empty bucket 25 feet away! Needless to say, they all get a little wet in this race! First team to overflow their bucket wins the most points.


Team Cheer

Each team has 20 minutes to come up with a "Team Cheer". After all teams have performed their cheer, the audience as well as our staff will decide on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place points.


Crossing the Bog

A challenge even Indiana Jones would enjoy! After getting on their props, teams will use only boards and stones to race across the murky"bog" the fastest! Collect the special artifacts and animals for bonus points! Fall off and penalties await!


Carmen Miranda

Each team's "Carmen Miranda" will be dressed in a fruit hat, shell bra, hula skirt, and game baskets to catch the fun flying their way!! Great photo opp!


Pie Eating Contest

There's Chocolate, Banana, and Coconut Cream!!! It's not how many pies can be's how fast you can eat your piece of pie!! Better yet, how fast your team can finish all the pies!!! Delicious, and a little messy, but GREAT PHOTO OPPS!!


Double Trouble

Try some of our best relay stations (3-legged, limbo pole, etc.) while connected to a team-mate!! Very FUN!!


Team Twister

One team per mat, but the commands have a Fun-Pros twist! Last team standing, wins!


Giant Water Balloon Relay

You got it - each team is supplied with a couple giant water balloons to get through a team obstacle course without dropping them! 50 points per balloon returned safely!


Wacky Water Obstacle Course

Teams will compete to see who can make it through the wet course the fastest, completing all the challenges along the way! This event will be timed!


Wacky "Wisconsin Olympic" Events:

Cow Chip Toss - with replicas of course
Ol' Bessie's Cow Milkin' Race
Cheese-Head Chase
Remote Control Boat or Race Cars
Watermelon Seed Spitting
Corn-Shuckin' Fun


<More Fun-Pros Special Activity Descriptions>


*3-Person Sling Shot

No...we won't really be launching anyone, but plenty of our comet balls will be flying overhead! Our oversized slingshots require three people to operate them, and the comet balls may fly as high as 50' into the air! Your remaining team members have the difficult job of trying to successfully catch each ball in a miniature parachute approximately 100 ft away! This event will be scored on the number of balls caught!


*Balloon Bath!!

This is a MUST HAVE! It's simple & fun, just pitch a ball and hit the target - SPLASH!! The gallon-size water balloon bursts over the participant's head! The soaking & surprise are safe & hilarious. Anyone can participate!!! Can be used indoors or out! Great for soaking VIPs, and as a fund raiser!


*Volleyball Fun Courts

An old sport with some new twists. Try 4-Court Volley. Nets are doubled up to form a giant "+" sign allowing four teams to play at once. Or Blind Volley -- A sheet over the net makes for a whole new challenge because you can't see when the other team is sending the ball over the net! You have to be quick on your feet to pickup a sneaky dump-off! Or try playing volleyball using the huge, 40" colorful Omni Ball! It's big, bright, and light weight. But teamwork is necessary to keep it off the ground! Or combine any of the above for a whole new game! The fun won't end!


*Slip-N-Slide Tube-Tug

Not your typical Tug O' War! Team members will slide on suds, while seated on top of an inner tube. Team mates will be pulling them to the opposite side of the racing lane as fast as they can. Guaranteed to be slip-sliding fun! This event will be timed.


"Battle of the Sexes"/"Beat the Clock"

It's the guys against the gals in this hilarious event of beating the clock doing a variety of tasks! Some tasks need brains and skill, some need strength or finesse, while others just need a little luck! Need six or more people per team.


Giant Checkers Tournament

We'll provide giant checker boards for fun or competition!


*Free-Throw Contest

We'll provide the portable hoops for an exciting competition!!


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